We believe in America’s farmers and their right
to protect their private property.

Benton Township recently drafted a proposal that restricts what farmers and families can do on their own private land. They even contemplated suspending new building permits for a year.

This proposal could RAISE your property TAXES and REDUCE your private property RIGHTS.

Shouldn’t you have a say in that?

Make your voice heard!

Tell Benton Township you deserve the right to vote on this proposal and the new regulations that threaten private property rights. Fill out the form below to request a time to sign the petition.

Filling out the form below and signing the petition does NOT mean you are in favor of or against self-zoning or the interim ordinance. It only means you believe Benton Township residents should have the right to decide and vote for themselves.

After submitting the form below, a member of the Michigan Rural Community Coalition committee will schedule a time to meet with you to sign the petition.

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Once you submit the form below, a member of the Michigan Rural Community Coalition will contact you to set up a time to answer your questions and meet with you to sign the petition.

Please note that submitting the form below is not a signature on the petition – it is only a request for more information and/or a request for someone to schedule a time with you to sign the petition.

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