Defend Your Private Property Rights.

We believe in America’s farmers and their right to protect their private property.

Why are private property rights under attack?

Benton Township recently decided to perform its own zoning and subsequently drafted its own interim zoning ordinance.

  • The draft ordinance is prohibitive and essentially blocks all solar development from entering the Benton Township community – and could potentially prohibit other types of development, as well.

Private property owners in Benton Township could be blocked from using their land as they see fit.

  • The draft ordinance limits development on agricultural land – and farmers should have the right to use their land freely in order to provide for their farming operation and families.

Benton Township also contemplated enacting a moratorium onall new building permits.

  • On October 30, 2019, a motion was made to impose a moratorium on new permits for one year – that means no new building permits (of any type) would be issued in Benton Township.

What will this cost the Benton Township residents?

In order to perform its own zoning, Benton Township estimates an additional annual cost of $70,000.

  • This figure is a direct quote from the Benton Township Board in their meeting on August 12, 2019 and represents a 3,489% increase in the township’s current planning and zoning budget of $1,950 per year.

The $70,000+ cost for Benton Township to self-zone could fall on residents to fund.

  • This means Benton Township residents will likely pay MORE PROPERTY TAXES only to have LESS PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS.

The $70,000+ cost is unnecessary and serves only to create redundant layers of government.

  • Self-zoning requires money and expertise – both of which, Eaton County has and supplies to Benton Township. Why pay for something residents already have?

Besides private property rights, what else does Benton Township stand to lose?

Restricting new development means no new tax revenue to fund Benton Township’s much-needed local services. Without new development, how will Benton Township fund its:

  • Schools?
  • Fire Department?
  • Roads?
  • Libraries?
  • And more?

What can I do?

Make your voice heard! Tell Benton Township that you want the right to vote on this topic.

  • Fill out the form below to request a time to sign the petition and tell Benton Township you want this matter on the ballot.

What does completing this form and signing the petition mean?

Filling out the form below and signing the petition does NOT mean you are in favor or against self-zoning or the interim ordinance.

  • It only means that you think that Benton Township residents should have the right to decide and vote for themselves.

Request More Information Form

Once you submit the form below, a member of the NAME committee will contact you to set up a time to answer your questions and meet with you to sign the petition.

Please note that submitting the form below isnot a signature on the petition – it is only a request for more information and/or a request for someone to schedule a time with you to sign the petition.

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